Pest Control
We believe protecting your family and your home is not just a job for us it is our passion.
Life Australia provides pest treatment and prevention throughout Queensland. We believe protecting your family and your home is not just a job for us it is our passion. Pests can be a big problem for property owners. Domestic pests can be hard to remove. While DIY pest control is enough for some insects, others require strong chemical treatments. Ensuring you treat them is important not only for your family’s health but also to prevent property damage. Our professional team with 21st-century products and 21st-century application methods guarantee pest eradication and prevention from right through to building or pre-purchase inspections.

So why choose LIFE AUSTRALIA?
If you suspect you may have a problem or would like professional pest advice, our team is standing by and ready to answer your questions 24/7. we offer the best value for money in the pest industry. All of our pest technicians hold current pest management licenses from Queensland Health.

From small homes to large commercial buildings. It may be ants, rats and mice, ticks, bed bugs, and fleas, silverfish and cockroaches as well as termites or the Less commonly species including bees and wasps, spiders and birds and possums we help you remove that creepy crawlies for good.

We pride ourselves in using the best equipment and environment-friendly products with over years’ experience. we know to solve any pest problem you may encounter. Thus, we are often consulted by other companies to solve their problems. Our management and personnel are committed to delivering quality security services around the clock 365 days a year. So feel free to consult Life Australia and get your protection today before it’s too late.

Our Service include:

  • Grubs
  • Bill Bug
  • Nematodes
  • Army Worm
  • Organic Pest Control
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